UETR calls for adoption of EU Contingency Plan for Transport

UETR calls for adoption of EU Contingency Plan for Transport

UETR Contribution to the EC Public consultation on contingency measures for EU transport in times of crisis

UETR fully supports the development of a Contingency Plan for Transport. With COVID 19, we have the unique opportunity to rethink some strong issues for road transport, getting to clear and adapt rules: digital, green and social. We need to work on a strategy for post-crisis road transport, which combines competitiveness and sustainability.

Transport SMEs were (and are) key during the pandemic, they have kept Europe moving, facing any adversity. Today more than ever it is of paramount importance to ensure that goods are available to EU citizens where and when they are needed.

Green Lanes initiative or extension of validity of certificates for transport workers and drivers were indeed helpful to small companies but it required time, not quickly enough for businesses to face a crisis.

In order to responding quickly in the future, an EU Contingency Plan for Transport is needed (addressing technical economic and social issues of relevance for transport SMEs- from financial support, legislation, etc) and a fast-track decision making process resulting in mandatory rules. Some Community mechanisms in emergency situations should be rethought.

We need a process to be activated without delay when needed, following a clear, precise, shared crisis management plan. A coordinated and harmonized approach of all Member States is urgently needed in terms of measures and possible restrictions.

This should result in an effective single space with harmonized and mandatory rules and harmonized implementation in all EU MS, on requirements for border controls in case of health/pandemic crisis.

Infrastructure capacity must be effectively addressed, e. g with adequate safe and secure parking areas. This implies adoption of clear measures to be respected by all EU MS to maintain open and accessible the resting areas, food providers for drivers and sanitary facilities across the TEN-T.

Road haulage companies need certainty and level playing field to continue delivering goods to the benefit of society and real economy in the EU.

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