Road Transport Crisis

Road Transport Crisis

Immediate measures to solve road transport crisis

European road transport has been heavily hit by uncontrolled rising oil prices. The sector is in a deep and grave crisis today.
Strikes and protests spread across Europe (France, Spain, Portugal, Italy…) are a clear signal that road transport is the engine of economic development.
UETR met in Brussels on the 13 th of June agreeing a joint position statement on how to deal with the crisis.
We call on the European Union to develop and adopt new legislation to address conjunctural and structural crisis.

We demand:

  1. Adoption of anti-dumping measures against unfair competition; adoption of an automatic indexation mechanism to offset the impact of fuel price rises on transport costs;
  2. Terms of payment net within thirty (30) days;
  3. No VAT payment on excise, until the introduction of commercial gas oil used as propellant for carriage of goods;
  4. EU Regulation imposing a uniform system of checks and criminal sanctions;

Des Mesures Immédiates Pour Faire Face à la Crise du Transport Routier
Immediate Measures to Solve Road Transport Crisis
Misure Urgenti per Risolvere la Crisi dell’Autotrasporto

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