OkCargo and UETR sign a strategic alliance

OkCargo and UETR sign a strategic alliance

The Spanish digital transport operator, OkCargo and UETR have signed a strategic collaboration agreement that will allow them to export the successful model that has been implemented in Spain since OkCargo began operations in January 2023 to other European Union countries.

This strategic agreement was signed within the framework of the UETR annual meeting held on April 11 in Barcelona and will allow OkCargo to accelerate its international expansion process with the forecast of having a presence in the main European countries in the coming months, applying the successful business model in alliance with the associations of small and medium-sized transport companies in those countries, in the same way that is being carried out in Spain through the strategic agreement signed with Fenadismer.

In the words of Carlos Cancela, CEO of OkCargo, “the signing of this strategic agreement with UETR allows OkCargo to expand our alliance in the different EU countries with the main associations of small and medium-sized European hauliers and work together to improve the profitability of their businesses, the work-life balance of their drivers and accelerate technological change in the transport sector at a European level”.

“This agreement will allow UETR members to rely on the technologies and tools already developed by OkCargo with the aim of improving and advancing in the digitisation of transport operations through artificial intelligence algorithms, reducing and minimising empty trips, aligning with future sustainability requirements or facing the challenge of the implementation of eCMR” said UETR President Julio Villaescusa. 

About OkCargo

OkCargo started operations in January 2023 as a Digital Transport Operator. The 100% Spanish-owned startup’s commitment has been reinforced by different important players in the transport sector, and this is reflected in the significant growth that the company is obtaining during 2023 in its full-load freight transport services.

With a value proposition focused on the technological development of its platform and the operational efficiency of its extensive network of carriers, the company is obtaining results far in excess of the growth plans it had set itself.

The growth and interest in the company is making it one of the most attractive Spanish start-ups in the road freight transport sector in Spain. In fact, OkCargo is the first Spanish operator with more self-employed hauliers available within its community thanks to its strategic agreement with Fenadismer.

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