UETR welcomes MEPs vote on CEF II

UETR welcomes MEPs vote on CEF II

On 22 November, the European Parliament’s Transport and Tourism (TRAN) Committee and the Industry Committee jointly adopted the Marinescu- Telička- Virrkkunen report on the Connecting Europe Facility proposal 2021-2027.  

UETR welcomes the MEPs vote. The European Commission proposal, supported by the Transport Coalition UETR joined has not only been confirmed, but increased: the Commission had proposed that the financial allocation for this future CEF should be €42.3 billion (at current prices), divided between transport (€30.6 billion at current prices), energy (€8.7 billion at current prices) and digital (€3 billion at current prices). 

MEPs would allocate for transport €33.5 billion.

More information here.

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