UETR at the Goodyear Dunlop Symposium on Fuel Efficiency

UETR at the Goodyear Dunlop Symposium on Fuel Efficiency

25 January 2012 – Secretary General Marco Digioia spoke at the Goodyear Dunlop Symposium “Driving fuel efficiency in Europe’s road freight transport”.

Mr. Digioia presented small haulers’ approach to the reduction of fuel consumption and CO2 emissions. He highlighted four key points that are crucial for making the road haulage sector greener reducing costs: quality and condition of usage of the gasoil, features of vehicles (e.g. aerodynamics, tyre’s quality, etc), quality of roads and level of congestion, training of drivers. Mr. Digioia reported that transport companies are committed to reducing their consumption of fuel (both for reducing the costs and the negative externalities), but the high cost of the investments required makes this task very difficult. The whole supply chain should be involved in the matter of fuel or greener vehicles costs, road haulers cannot carry the financial burden alone.

All symposium’s information are available at: fleet-fuel-efficiency.eu.

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