UETR appreciates EP vote on charging for use of infrastructure

UETR appreciates EP vote on charging for use of infrastructure

Brussels, 26 October 2018

Charging of heavy goods vehicles: UETR appreciates the EP Planary’s vote for level playing field and reinvestments in transport.

UETR welcomes the text approved in Strasbourg yesterday by a large majority of MEPs including not only road transport companies and heavy vehicles but also other users and all vehicles. 

UETR has always supported a full, non-discriminatory polluter pays principle ensuring equity and efficiency” said Secretary General Marco Digioia.

UETR also welcomes the earmarking approach which has been approved, for using revenues for investments in transport and infrastructure. This is key for example for safe and secure parking areas, which are essential to ensure the compliance with EU social provisions and road safety. 

UETR stresses once more that many external costs are already being borne by transport companies, consequently it cannot accept that external cost charges for traffic-based pollution are to be applied to vehicles.

On the different road charging rates based on CO2 emissions, small haulers have made investments on the basis of Euro standards.  The implementation of the phasing out will have to take into account the amortization period of vehicles.  

UETR expresses doubts regarding the rule allowing MS to set discounts for certain light vehicles potentially generating an increase of use of such vehicles and hence congestion. 

The Council negotiations will have now to ensure consistency in balancing the companies’ competitiveness with an effective reduction of the environmentalimpacts” said UETR President Julio Villaescusa.

Press release in PDF here.

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