TRAN Commitee approves Mobility Package

TRAN Commitee approves Mobility Package

The TRAN Committee of the European Parliament has approved yesterday evening the Mobility Package, following the approach of the agreement reached with the Council.

UETR welcomes the vote of TRAN Committee on the social and market aspects of the Mobility Package. This outcome represents an acceptable balance between harmonization and liberalization.

Julio Villaescusa, UETR President, said “We acknowledge the Parliament’s big effort- in particular under the current crisis condition- and we thank all those MEPs who have worked towards this result by supporting a fair and competitive sector. More generally I want to express our appreciation for the excellent level of the EU Institutions’ cooperation so far. Almost three years of intense negotiations: this demonstrates the significance of road transport for the EU real economy – now more than ever at these difficult times.”

The rules on the posting of drivers will fill a regulatory gap in the sector. The introduction of the digital tachograph also for LCV at the international level will allow a level playing field. Using new technologies will ensure a smart compliance.

Marco Digioia, UETR Secretary General, added “This Package ensures liberalization going hand in hand with fair competition, strengthening social fairness and effective and uniform enforcement of legislation all over the EU. We need new fit-for-purpose rules, so that road transport can keep going, in parallel with the recovery”.

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