Self Employed Drivers Working Time

Self Employed Drivers Working Time

16 June 2010 UETR strongly condemns the European Parliament Plenary session’s vote on the 16 of June  rejecting the Commission’s proposal to exempt self-employed drivers from directive 2002/15/CE on  working time of mobile workers.
This decision indicates a deficiency in social and enterprise policy by adding administrative burdens  to entrepreneurs who are free to organize their work, without improvement in road safety and  social protection.
Road safety is already fairly covered by Regulation 2006/561 on resting times and driving periods in  exactly the same way for employed and self-employed drivers.

The definition of road transport as is the constant refrain of policy makers, whereas at the end of the day misleading interpretations of  road safety are used to penalize road haulers” said UETR President Francesco Del Boca.

(download the full press release here)

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