New toll system in Slovenia

New toll system in Slovenia

On 1 April 2018, the Republic of Slovenia will introduce electronic toll collection in free-flow for all vehicles with a maximum authorized mass of over 3.5 tons (heavy duty vehicles). With the introduction of a new toll system, called the DarsGo system, it will no longer be possible to regularly pay tolls at toll stations from 1 April 2018; the same applies to toll payment with the existing Dars electronic media (DARS cards and ABC tags). Instead, each vehicle that will use Slovenian motorways and highways will have to be registered for the use of the DarsGo system and equipped with a DarsGo unit, which enables toll calculation. It will be possible to arrange the registration and acquisition of a DarsGo unit at DarsGo services (from 6 November 2017 at DarsGo services in Ljubljana, Lopata, Gruškovje, Maribor, Grabonoš, and Obrežje, from 15 November 2017 at DarsGo service Fernetiči). From the beginning of 2018 also at fuel stations at motorway rest areas and via the private part of the web portal.

Download the leaflet here.

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