Joint letter to ministers on CO2 emission standards for Heavy Duty vehicles.

Joint letter to ministers on CO2 emission standards for Heavy Duty vehicles.

UETR, together with 21 other European Associations, has sent a joint letter to the EU Ministers on CO2 emission standards for lorries.

In the letter, the signatory associations support the EU climate targets and stress that CO2-neutral fuels can accelerate the transition away from fossil fuels, providing additional options for the decarbonisation of road transport. Anyhow, the approach of the provisional agreement reached between the Council and the Parliament on 18 January 2024 on stricter CO 2 emission standards for HD-still treats renewable fuels in the same way as fossil fuels, and enshrine a restricted framework, which de facto only allows for the roll-out of battery-electric and hydrogen-based drive technologies.

The provisional agreement fails to provide the investment and planning certainty that is needed, it only provides for the role of neutral fuels to be assessed by the Commission with the 2027 review.
This failure can endanger the functioning of the transport system, multiple solutions are needed, based on mature and affordable technologies, thus enhancing long-term planning certainty.

Therefore, we ask to seek a sustainable agreement supporting CO2 neutral fuels that can help Europe meet its achieve its crucial climate protection goals, and at the same time provide services to industries that are vital to its economic future.

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