Tachograph: new EU rules solve the one minute rule problem

Tachograph: new EU rules solve the one minute rule problem

4 October 2011 – The new specifications of Commission Regulation (EU) N. 1266/2009 solve the “one minute rule” problem. The new rules apply to all tachographs activated as from 1 October 2011 on vehicles registered from that day. The regulation solves the problem of rounding to 60 seconds in the recording of driving time in particular circumstances (frequent and short stops). The reinterpretation of the “One Minute Rule” provides a longer total daily driving time (estimated up to 45 minutes). With the old rule, the tachograph was supposed to record any movement of the vehicle between five and sixty seconds as an additional minute of driving. According to the Regulation, on the other hand, every minute will be recorded as “guide” only if the guide is the longest activity continuously carried out during the same minute (at least 31 seconds).

UETR welcomes the application of such measure which is to solve the problem reported for years by transport companies. The correct implementation of the One Minute Rule will prevent waste of time, sometimes substantial, and will allow road haulers and drivers to work more and better. UETR also appreciates the invitation made by the European Commission to national enforcement authorities to have a tolerant attitude towards those who use previous models of tachograph in order to avoid  unequal treatment.” said UETR Secretary General Marco Digioia.

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