London: Low Emission Zone

London: Low Emission Zone

23 June 2011 – From 3 January 2012, the standard for the Low Emission Zone (LEZ) in London will be modified. New standards, more restrictive, will be required: engines of trucks, buses, coaches and other heavy vehicles over 3.5 tons will have to follow the standard strong>Euro 4 for particulate emissions. For vehicles that do not meet these requirements there is a daily charge of £200 (225€ approx.). Those who do not fit or do not communicate their transit in the LEZ in time, will receive heavy penalties. Violations are detected via a system of fixed and mobile cameras.

For those who own strong>Euro 4 engines and do not have the vehicle registered in the UK still need to register at the offices of “Transport for London“. If you have already registered the vehicle certifying compliance with the Euro 3 you will must still ensure compliance with the new Euro 4 and proceed with a new recording.

We recall that the LEZ is a different area from the London central one, where the London Congestion Charge applies. The geographical scope of the LEZ can be found via the following link.

Direct link to the vehicle registration form available in several languages. To access, select the desired language (using the button “choose a language”), then click “go”.

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