Hungary: more stringent controls on heavy goods vehicles

Hungary: more stringent controls on heavy goods vehicles

5 July 2011 – The Hungarian government announced more stringent controls on heavy goods vehicles weight from 1st August 2011. Starting from that date, customs and tax authorities jointly to the managing body of the national road network will increase the controls over the weighing of heavy vehicles.

The Hungarian law, in force since 1999 and amended in 2006, envisages the need for a route permit for the movement of certain types of vehicles according to the weight per axle and fixes the maximum sizes. Vehicles that fail to meet these parameters will have to pay an additional fee. The permit specifies the route that the vehicle must follow. In the event that the check at the border shows that the permit is not valid, the vehicle could be banned from entering or leaving the country.

The authorization can be obtained from the competent national authorities. All necessary informations are available on the website of the Hungarian National Road Management Company (MKKht). At the top right of the page you can select the language choosing among DE (Deutsch), HUN (Magyar) and EN (English). Attached you can find the useful brochure from “Magyar Közút” (English version).

Traffic by Over-Dimensioned Overweight Vehicles in Hungary

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