European Parliament: preparing the draft opinion on the New White Paper for Transport

European Parliament: preparing the draft opinion on the New White Paper for Transport

11 October 2011 – Today, the European Parliament Committee for Transport has discussed the 413 amendments on the draft report prepared by Mr. Mathieu Grosch (EPP) on the “Roadmap to a Single European Transport Area”.

The European Parliament is preparing to express his own opinion (as the Committee of Region and the European Economic and Social Committee already did) on the White Paper for Transport proposed in March by the European Commission.

During the discussion of amendments, many interventions of appreciation as well as those critical have been exposed. MEPs welcomed the intension and the objectives of the White Paper, but regretted the lack of pragmatism of the document, especially in the short-term. Among the points which have been discussed, we indicate:

  • the need for clear and realistic short-term objectives (2011-2020) in order to better assess achievements;
  • the importance of focusing on technologically feasible solutions regarding energy and pollution;
  • the role of regions in the transport policy and more attention for the principle of subsidiarity;
  • the need to avoid social dumping in the internal market;
  • the need for more efficient interaction between type of transport: co-modality, with particular attention to the meaning of the limit of 300 km for road transport;
  • TEN-T projects, especially regarding the distribution of funds.

The amendments will be voted on 10 November 2011, at the next meeting of the Transport Committee. The final document will then be voted during the plenary session of the European Parliament in December.

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