European Commission Report on the impact of Regulation 1/2005 on live animal transport

European Commission Report on the impact of Regulation 1/2005 on live animal transport

10 November 2011 – The European Commission published today a Report in order to examine the impact of the Regulation EC 1/2005 on the protection of live animals during transport and related operations. The study compares the situation before and after the application of the Regulation.

According to the report, the Regulation had a generic positive impact on the welfare of animals, without reducing the total amount of livestock transported. However, a large number of problems are still unsolved. The implementation has been really unsatisfactory, especially regarding with the use of the navigation system for long distance transport. Individual Member States gave different interpretations to the Regulation causing several distortions (e.g. differences in penalties). Theenforcementhas been largelyunderestimated andthis has resulted ina lower rateof compliance with thelegislation.

Regarding with the transport sector, the Regulation imposed new administrative costs (Member States discretion) and costs for the upgrading of the vehicles (estimated around 11900€). This resulted in a reduction in profit margins for transport companies, which have not been able to pass these costs on to other actors in the food business.

The European Commission will consider how to act (improving harmonization, increasing the number of controls, providing guide on the interpretation) in order to improve the implementation of the Regulation. Furthermore, the Report informs that Commission will launch, in the short-term, a study on the welfare of fish during transport.

Please, find attached the Commission’s Report.

EC Report on live animals transport.pdf

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