Amendment of Regulations 3821/85 and 561/2006

Amendment of Regulations 3821/85 and 561/2006

19 July 2011 – European Commission presented a proposal for a Regulation amending Regulation 3821/85 on recording equipment in road transport. The proposal contains a small change for Regulation 561/2006 too.

Concerning to the Regulation 3821/85, Commission introduced significant changes, given the need to revise the old and inadequate legislation. It is expected to:

  • To leave to Member States the possibility to exempt certain vehicles from the Regulation. (New Article 3);
  • To introduce a mechanism for automatic location of the vehicle through a GNSS system integrated into the digital tachograph. This will increase the linkage with the project “Intelligent Transport System” (ITS). (New Articles 4 and 6);
  • To provide for the possibility of communication between the tachograph and means of control while the vehicle is in motion. Therefore, it will be possible to make only targeted roadside checks, reducing administrative costs and delays. (New Article 5);
  • To create a list of approved fitters or workshops who can work on tachographs. They will have to meet certain standards and will receive unannounced technical audits. (New Articles 17, 19 and 20);
  • To merge driving license and driver card into a single document, reducing administrative costs and deterring fraudulent behavior. (New Article 27);
  • To ensure that inspections are carried out by properly trained control officers (New Article 35);
  • To institute a minimum level of harmonization of sanctions. (New Article 37).

With regard to Regulation 561/2006, upon a proposal by the High Level Group of Independent Stakeholders on Administrative Burdens, it is expected to introduce exemption for certain vehicles within a certain range (increased from 50km to 100km).

According to the Commission, the new Regulation will allow a reduction of administrative burdens for € 515.5 million.

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