3 rd Mobility Package: UETR press release

3 rd Mobility Package: UETR press release

3 rd Mobility Package: UETR appreciates the European Commission’s efforts to the modernisation of transport, taking into account the needs and specificities of small haulers.

UETR welcomes the third Mobility Package proposal, broadly addressing a number of challenges faced by the road transport sector (emissions, safety, connected and automated vehicles…).

Road transport MSMEs are ready to take full advantage of the opportunities offered by digital technologies, fostering safety, quality of transport and leading to savings in terms of time, cost and emissions – with the support of adequate public investments in smart infrastructure, green and new technologies and vocational training for small haulers.The reduction levels of emissions proposed by the EC are ambitious and the impact of new truck prices on the economic activity of companies will have to be considered.

New technologies and electronic documents must be also employed to reduce administrative burdens and at the same time to an effective and uniform enforcement of EU legislation. This is an opportunity not to miss. UETR stresses that enforcers also will have to be connected, for better safety and competitiveness going hand in hand with fair competition in the road haulage market.

International, cross-border application of existing logistic concepts and the possibility of additional aerodynamic modifications to vehicles is also welcome as one more tool for fuel efficiency and environmental sustainability.UETR appreciates the EC forward looking to automated vehicles technology: clearly there are still many uncertainties to be addressed (e. g. it is still unknown when and to which extent drivers will leave up a number of tasks to the vehicle to take over, and on which roads throughout the EU, shortage of drivers and automation etc). A coordination with a number of aspects currently addressed by the Mobility Package I is also needed (e. g. driving and rest times, the use of tachograph, the access to profession).

A new business model can make the profession more attractive and “smart” but this will require a big effort, long term vision and holistic approach. Automation and other innovations will change the fundamental nature of road haulage. UETR is ready to do its part working with policy makers to understand these shifts and move forward.

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